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Steuben Society of America Student Award
for Outstanding Achievement in German-American Studies

In recognition of outstanding achievement in German-American Studies, the Steuben Society of America will present an annual award in the amount of $300. Applications or nominations for 2008 should be accompanied with a letter of recommendation from the students's academic advisor, and describe the achievements of the nominee. This may take the nature of a study or report of the student, and may also include community service to an institution or organization concerned with German-American history. Nominations and recommendations should be sent to the National Council's Education Committee, Ilse Hoffmann and Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann, Co-Chairs, via e-mail to Steubensociety@aol.com Nominations will close on March 31, 2008.

The Education Committee is currently working on a resource guide for German-American studies at the middle school and high school level, that will become part of the SSofA's web site.

We are calling on the Historians (Third Vice Chairs) and on any member who can assist them in each of our Units to research and document the Unit's history, and to share the results with other Units and the National Council, internally or via Steuben News. Such activities can enrich your meetings and spawn collaboration over many weeks and months. Involve new members in this undertaking too. Under the heading "WE REMEMBER," some topics you may want to review are your scholastic awards programs, your public affairs activities, conventions you have organized and/or attended, outings you have enjoyed, picnics, dinner dances, card parties, parades attended, community benevolence programs, and, where applicable, the work of the Ladies' Auxiliaries. Or you may want to highlight the role of outstanding personalities in your Unit. The minutes and other records of your Unit may reveal things you never knew. Adding photos would make this a great record.

The Education Committee will also be grateful for the input of current and former members of State and National Councils in writing remembrances that can eventually become a part of the official history of our Society. Our Society's ninetieth anniversary will be coming up in 2009, and we are only 11 years away from our centennial. A scholarly review of the impact of the Steuben Society on the German-American community and German-American relations over its ninety year history may be invited if we can raise the funds for grant support.

Meanwhile, let us continue to encourage the teaching of the German language in all institutions of learning , and let us not forget to look forward with new ideas and new programs that are suited to bring like-minded people together in celebration of their German-American heritage and in caring for our beloved United States of America.

Thank you.

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